Are you an established wedding business who already has copy for your website and other marketing materials, but feel it's all a bit tired? I can offer a fresh pair of eyes to read over your words and rejuvenate them.


This can be as simple as checking the spelling and grammar,
or I can take this further to look at the structure and language of your copy, tweaking and polishing everything until your words perfectly sum up you and your business.

I offer copywriting services for other promotional elements of your business, such as press releases, brochures and features for blogs and magazines. My experience as an editor means I know how to write copy and pitches that stand out in an editor's crowded inbox and get your business noticed.


I also love creating blog posts with targeted search terms to help improve your SEO and bring relevant customers to your site.

Sound good? If so, get in touch to see how I can make your wedding business even better.

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Photography by Karen Flannigan @shotbykaren