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5 reasons to write blogs for your wedding business

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I'm sure you've heard this loads of times before, but I'm saying it again today: writing blog posts for your wedding business website really is one of the most effective (and simple) marketing strategies. So while I may not be saying anything you've not heard before, as a content writer who specialises in writing for the wedding industry, I'm here to share five reasons why blogging is great for your wedding business.

It adds fresh content to your site, which Google loves

Your website needs words, otherwise Google and other search engines will ignore it. They want to highlight sites that answer people's questions, and they need words in order to do this.

Google also loves it when you add new words for them to index, particularly words that answer the queries people are typing into the search bar. If you're using regular blog posts to add content that answers frequently asked questions, you're more likely to show up in search results.

Blogging creates authority and positions you as a wedding expert

Your blog posts are your chance to really showcase your knowledge and expertise with couples. You can take a deep dive into topics that are relevant for the wedding industry and that also help people.

So if you're a wedding stylist, for example, you can break down what your services are and why people might want to hire a stylist. If you're a florist, you could do posts on seasonal flowers.

Posts about venues you've worked with are great for helping to be found by couples who've booked that venue for their wedding and are now looking for suppliers who are local to it. And you can't beat blogging about real weddings, as it provides inspiration and ideas for other couples. As a bonus, you can link to other suppliers who may then give you backlinks in their content – another SEO win.

If people find your through your blog and feel they can trust your expertise and like what you do, they're more likely to end up booking you for their wedding.

You can repurpose your blog copy for social media posts

Writing a blog post does take time, but the good news is that hard work will pay off when you repurpose it across your social media channels. Use the main points from your post on an Instagram carousel and then link to the full post. Turn it into a post on Facebook or LinkedIn, inviting comments from people and linking back to your site. And because your followers don't see every social media post you create, you can repeat it a few times in slightly different formats.

It works the other way, too. If you've done a post on Instagram or Facebook that's done really well and generated loads of comments and interactions, think about turning it into a blog post. Chances are, it'll generate some really good leads.

Blogs last forever -- unlike social media

Unlike social media where your posts get buried under an avalanche of constant content from other people, your blog posts will ive on your website forever. They'll sit there quietly, waiting for the moment when Google returns them in someone's search and draws them to your site.

Blogging is a lot of fun

While it can feel a bit daunting, writing a blog is really fun. It's your chance to share your knowledge with people, get your personality across, and highlight some amazing couples or fellow weddings businesses you've loved working with. Take this as a great opportunity to share your unique voice with the world and add some value to the internet.

Tips for starting your wedding business blog

Being consistent is really great for SEO, so I'd advise trying to stcik to a regular schedule. If you can blog more regularly that's great, but a post once a month will still reap results.

Use your blog to provide answers to the questions people are asking on Google. Think about the questions your couples ask you in person, and answer this in a blog. Or look at the 'people also ask' section on Google and get some ideas from that.

If you're feeling a bit stuck for blogging ideas, ChatGPT can be a useful tool. Ask it to give you some prompts that are specific to you as a wedding planner, florist, stylist, photographer, etc. Once you've decided on your topics, you can even use ChatGPT to suggest the subheads for your post to help give it structure

A word of caution, however. While using ChatGPT for blog ideas and planning can be super helpful, don't be tempted to use it for your entire post. Google and other search engines are clamping down on AI content, and if they believe your posts are AI-generated then they're less likely to return them in search results. Plus there's a moral issue. AI content has to come from somewhere on the web, so if you write an entire AI blog post you'll end up plagiarising other writers and business owners' content – which isn't a nice thing to do.

Want to start writing blog posts for your site but don't have the capacity to take them on yourself? I'd love to help. I write regular blog posts for a variety of wedding businesses, and I'd love to share my blogging expertise with you. Drop me an email to see how we can work together on a blogging strategy for your wedding business to help boost your SEO, generate more leads and show the world how great your wedding business is!


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