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The key to success: adding keywords to the website copy for your wedding business

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As a copy and content writer for the wedding industry, I often see wedding business websites that just aren't working hard enough to attract ideal clients. And that's usually because they're missing keywords. So today I'm looking at how you can improve your website in just a few short steps, and make sure you're giving it the best chance of showing up in Google searches.

Why does your wedding business website need keywords?

Your wedding website is having to do several different things at once. It needs to beautifully showcase you and your wedding offering, highlighting to couples what you offer and how your services are what they need for their wedding.

But your website also needs to get those couples to your site in the first place – and that's by making sure it shows up in organic searches on Google.

And to do that? You need to have keywords throughout your wedding business website copy that will help Google find your site and present it to couples when they're searching online for the exact services that you offer.

It's a delicate dance – you want your website copy to tell your brand's story and feel authentic, but you also need to get those all-important keywords in so it's fully search engine optimised.

After all, what's the point of having an amazing wedding business with a gorgeous website that no-one can ever find?

Adding keywords to your wedding business copy

So the first thing to do is answer this question: is your website actually telling couples what you do and who you do it for?

You need to make sure you're explicitly saying what your wedding business offers. And then say it again. And then once more.

It can be very easy to write copy that's absolutely beautiful – but it's not actually telling people what your unique offering is, where you do it, and who you offer it to.

So if you're a wedding photographer in Bristol, you need to repeat that (and various variations) across your copy to make sure Google presents it as an option to people searching for that term. If you're a wedding planner who works in Wiltshire and the south west, make sure your copy clearly and obviously tells people that's who you are. If you're a wedding florist in the Cotswolds who specialises in using dried flowers, this has to be front and centre on your home page, about page and services page.

You don't have to do this in a spammy, keyword-stuffing way. Flow these keywords naturally into your copy so it still reads well for your human visitors, but so they can easily be found by Google's crawlers.

It's not just about getting keywords in the body copy, either. It's vital they're in your headers and page titles & descriptions. All this really adds power to your SEO and tells Google your website is one that people need to visit!

Copy tools to use and tools to avoid

 While all this might sound obvious, it's always worth reviewing your website to make sure you've included enough keywords (there are loads of free keyword density checkers), especially if it's been a while since you wrote the copy.

While keyword density checkers are useful tools, those to avoid when writing website copy are AI writers like ChatGPT. Now, AI definitely has its place – it can be great for helping you to kickstart your writing, or give you ideas for structuring your copy. But Google is clamping down on websites with AI-generated content, and not returning these in search results. If you fill your website with AI copy then you're seriously hindering your SEO. And to be honest, it'll be a mash-up of other people's copy that's not on-brand and won't do you any favours.

Working with The Wedding Wordsmith on your web copy

If the thought of adding 'check your copy for keywords' to your already bursting to-do list just makes you feel overwhelmed, I'd love to help. I can review your keywords and SEO in my copy clinic, as well as looking at tone of voice and structure. A copy clinic session costs £150, which is then deducted from any full website copy or website copy editing you may book in after. If this sounds just what you're looking for, get in touch to book your slot.



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